New Finance Users

If you have concerns that offering leasing is complicated or will distract your sales staff from concentrating on their core responsibilities then put you mind at rest. At Infiniti Finance we will either train your staff in the best ways to offer leasing both in presentations and by quote, or we will do all the paperwork for you, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best.

You may wonder whether we can offer a package to suit your industry. As long as the value is over £1000 we can help improve your sales and your margins. Look at what we can do to help you

Competitive Rates
As a finance broker we have access to unlimited funding from a variety of principals each one offering the best rates for their specialist industries.

Funds available from more than one source
As each principal has different credit scoring rules, we will get you the best acceptance rates by proposing your customers to the lender best suiting your business.

Able to fund "intangibles" such as software or decoration
We are able to fund any business assets of IT services for values over £1000

Experienced Account Managers
Our Account Managers have previous experience in a wide range of industries so we will provide advise based on knowledge of industries like yours, not from a "finance house" perspective.

Free on-site training for your sales staff
Our business grows by helping to make yours grow. To help us both we offer to train your sales staff on the best way to present leasing from presentation to quote.

Office support and backup
If you'd rather not get too involved we offer work hours telephone support for your customers and we'll even fill out the documents and get them signed for you.

If you'd like to make the best out of your sales opportunities then either download an application form below or contact Simon Green on 01932 577071 or email and we'll come and see you.

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