Finance for Business

For every company it is crucial that you ensure your capital is working for you. With leasing there is no need to tie up your capital with depreciating assets, leaving you unable to invest in growth areas of your business. Our finance solutions allow you to acquire the equipment that will help your business grow without having to provide the full cash sum needed to purchase outright. Not only that, when it comes to upgrading equipment it couldn't be easier with a lease, no disposal of outdated or worthless assets and upgrades can often be done at little or no extra cost.

What are the benefits of leasing

Tax Efficient
100% of lease payments may be offset against taxable profit, effectively reducing the net cost of the lease.

Protect Existing Credit Lines
Your existing facilities with your bank remain intact, meaning you still have the flexibility to use them in the future.

Lease funding is unsecured and unlike bank facilities cannot be foreclosed and you won't have to repay on demand.

Save Working Capital
When you buy equipment outright your capital becomes tied up in a depreciating asset, making it difficult to invest in other projects. Leasing allows you to save your resources for future projects such as expansion or marketing.

Easy Budgeting
As payments are not affected by inflation or interest rate changes and are fixed for the full period of the agreement, you can accurately plan your payments in advance. With the likelihood of interest rates increasing the concerns of predicting payments if interest rates increase are removed.

What do I do next ?
If you would like to further discuss the benefits that leasing has to offer you please email us your details to and we will get one of our experienced account managers to call you back at your convenience.

If you are ready to apply for one of our products then click below to download a proposal form. All you need to fill in are your details, the suppliers details and tell us what you want to lease. Fax it back to us on 01932 577033 and we will do the rest.

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